Your 12 Body Areas: Your Heart

Giving and receiving

Your heart and chest area is very significant in healing. Providing you felt secure as a child, you will generally be open-hearted and find it easy to give and receive love. Without this security, or as a result of having this undermined as a child or as an adult, you may have closed your heart to prevent yourself from being hurt. As a result, you may find it difficult to nurture yourself or receive nurturing from others. If this is significant, it can cause a pattern of closing down the entire upper half of the body; and this can have a knock-on effect on your digestion and breathing.

Giving from a place of fullness

You may have a tendency to give more than you receive. You may give out of your emptiness rather than out of your fullness. Underneath this behaviour is often a lack of self-love – an inability to put yourself first. You may even feel that it is selfish to put yourself first. This can result in you feeling tired and drained. If you continue with this lifestyle, you will eventually feel like you have nothing left to give.

Giving the best to yourself and others

Your heart and chest area can be affected if you have felt over-protected in your life, as if you were ‘suffocated’ with love. This could cause you to limit the amount that you give and receive. You may actually feel quite resentful when people require attention from you. This can result from a strong desire to protect people from feeling the suffocating love that you felt yourself. You will likely experience difficulty in giving the best to yourself and in giving to and receiving from others at a satisfying level.

Receiving praise and recognition

Your upper chest is the area that connects your heart, throat and shoulders. The saying ‘my chest swells with pride’ conveys how this area is related to our feelings about our success. If you haven’t received enough praise and recognition, you may notice an empty feeling in your upper chest; and you may find it difficult to speak from your heart and a place of power when you talk to others about your successes in life. You will likely find it difficult to receive the support you need to achieve your goals because the grief you hold about the lack of praise you have received will cause you to push praise and recognition away.

This area is also very relevant in terms of how we relate to our feminine. If you are very achievement-focused, you may find that you can speak with a certain authority and find the support you need to make your projects work, but lack softness. Your ideas of success will always be quantifiable and based on other people’s perception of you. However, if you are in touch with your feminine, you will likely create your own definition of success and it is more likely to be based on the importance of good relationships, enjoying your creativity and being true to yourself.

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Healing – A Leap of Faith

Healing is not about addressing issues. It is about discovering the wonderful person inside in all their complexity. It is a leap of faith and when you take that leap, you start the most amazing journey of your life. Why not take that leap today?

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